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     User Comment & Reply
       # 1    [March 09, 2017]    Kathy Casey
    This is a good article.

    I have been concerned about Braun 790CC shaver for a long time. My skin is relatively sensitive, and I used other shavers, but they were not good for me, because every time after shaving beard, my face feel a little hot. I am not sure whether 790CC will be like this.

    Thank you! View >>>
      Admin   Reply:
    Braun series 7 790CC can protect the skin. When we use it, our face did not feel hot, but if your skin is very sensitive, I suggest you use Panasonic's high-end shaver. Panasonic does very good in comfort.
       # 2    [January 18, 2017]    Daniel
    For people who have big beard, does the manual razor has better shaving effect than this 790cc electric shaver? View >>>
      Admin   Reply:
    If the beard is hard, manual razor can shave cleaner than the electric shaver, but the blade is easy to be worn out, and it spends a lot of time every time you shave.
       # 3    [September 06, 2016]    Jan Kalivoda
    Is it very inconvenient to take this cleaning bucket during a travel? If there is no cleaning bucket aside, is the shaver can be used once only? Is the cleaning bucket a must for charging? View >>>
      Admin   Reply:
    Of course, it is in convenient to take a bucket during your travel. The cleaning bucket is only used for cleaning. Without the cleaning bucket, you can also charge the shaver directly with a charger, and 790CC can also be used while charging.
    No matter what grade of Braun shaver, it is always at a high price. This time, I spent some money and bought a Braun 9-series shaver. It is a high-end product, and the model is 9290CC. The packaging box is a bit big with a lot of things inside.Product accessories:1. Braun 9290CC electric shaver2. Au  Read More »
    What is the difference between Braun Series 7 790cc and Braun Series 5 shaver 5090cc/5190?Look at their accessories.They are both equipped with automatic cleaners, and the size is similar. Their cleaning boxes are also of the same model.However, 790CC has a shaver box, while 5090CC has no box, so 50  Read More »
    We purchased the shaver: Philips Norelco shaver 9300 series, with the specific model: S9311/87, which belongs to Philips senior shaver. It has three blade meshes that can swing around, and the battery supports fast charging. In addition, it is also equipped with automatic cleaning bucket.Well, let's  Read More »
    It takes heavy when first getting this shaver. The first impression to the package is fashion and fineness.Open to see the inside.1. Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC / 5190CC shaver2. Cleaning barrel3. Cleaning Agent4. Charging power supply5. Brush6. Shaving blades cover7. An Introduction ManualEach obj  Read More »
    While buying high-priced products, most people often cannot determine which to choose among products at the same price, as the price is relatively high. It will make people feel unpleasant if a lot of money has spent but the product purchased is not suitable for use, and the moods in shopping may be  Read More »
    Recently, I bought a new kind of Philips Shaver whose Model is Philips norelco shaver 6948XL-41. Are there any reasons to make my buy Philips norelco shaver 6948XL-41? As a matter of fact, I would like to prefer the shaver which is suitable for the public, the price is low and the shaving performanc  Read More »
    How We Work?
    »All products featured in our reviews are purchased by us at retail price. We do not accept free products or payment in exchange for reviews.
    »All opinions represented on this website are our own.
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