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    Here we have a list of the various brands of shavers evaluated. We strongly recommend that before you buy a shaver, it is best to first look at our evaluation. These evaluation articles can help you as much as possible learn about these shavers. I believe after you read the evaluation article, you may have a better choice for your suitable shaver.
    Braun series 7 790cc
    Braun series 7 790cc is a high-level shaver launched by Braun. It has three heads, driven by a high-speed rotating motor. The bottom can prompt information on the LCD screen, and the large-capacity battery can quickly charge. In addition, the equipped automatic cleaning system, can conveniently and automatically clean and dry the shaver. According to our experience, the evaluation of this shaver is: 1. The shaving function is strong, but with small defects. 2. The comfort is general. 3. It is very convenient to use. 4. It has surprisingly large capacity battery that can support long running times.
    Braun electric shaver 9290CC
    Advantage: 1. The shaving effect is outstanding, and the beard can be shaved completely. However, it takes some time and has to shave slowly in order to clean perfectly. 2. Powerful. 3. The battery supports fast charging. 4. Easy to use, automatic cleaning, automatic blowing and automatic drying after washing. Disadvantages: 1. Comfort is not good. The power does not have an adjustable button, and the vibration is large. If the shaving time is too long, the hands and face are not comfortable. 2. Noise is big. 3. The cost of use is high. The shaving head should be replaced entirely once it is needed. The cleaning solution can't be used for a long time, and it takes about one to two months to change. This is a common problem of Braun high-end shavers, but you have already had a high-end shaver, do you still care about this?
    Braun electric shavers series 3 340s
    Braun electric shavers series 3 340s is designed specifically for the public. This series of shavers are slightly more expensive than the entry-level ones, but cheaper than the mid-range shavers. They have many commonly used functions, such as, battery fast charge, wet shaving, washable shaver head, which is very practical. Our evaluation of this shaver is that, it has neither particularly obvious advantages, nor shortcomings. It performs generally in all aspects.
    Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC
    Series 5 shaver is the mid-range shaver launched by Braun to the market. Although it is of the mid-range shaver, it has a lot of features, such as, floating blades, large battery capacity, supporting fast charging, automatic cleaning barrel, and many more.
    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K
    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K is a high-grade Panasonic shaver. It has 4 heads and 2 high-speed motors at 14,000 rpm. It also has multi-function display, and high-capacity batteries that can be quickly charged, as well as the equipped automatic cleaning system. According to our experience, the evaluation of this shaver is: 1. The shaving function is powerful. 2. The comfort is great. 3. It is very convenient to use. 4. The power consumption is very fast.
    Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 - S9311/87
    Norelco shaver 9300 series is Philips's high-end series shavers, and Philips launched this series of shavers is to compete with Braun and Panasonic high-end market. S9311/87 shaver also belongs to the 9300 series, and its configuration is also very rich, for example: 1. Blade mesh able to independently flip, and shaver blade able to swing slightly in 360 degrees 2. Large capacity battery supporting fast charge 3. Automatic cleaning bucket with integrated cleaning and drying function 4. Waterproof body, supporting entire body washing 5. Lots of LED lights that can provide a wealth of information 6. Three speed control gears which can adjust the rotation speed of the blade.
    Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100
    Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100 is a mid-range shaver. It has three heads; its battery can be quickly charged, and its body is fully washable. This shaver is particularly in the structure design of its head base. It can swing in a very large extend, so that its head mesh foil can closely contact with the skin.
    Philips norelco shaver 6948XL-41
    Philips norelco shaver 6948XL-41 is an entry-level shaver. It has three heads, but the head base cannot be swung slightly, and the battery capacity is not large. Although its functions are not as many as other high-level shavers, it does not mean the shaver 6948XL-41 has poor performance in shaving. During our use of the shaver, we turn out to find that this shaver can be very good, and it is also able to fully clean the beard in the chin. Our evaluation of the shaver 6948XL-41 is: it has fewer functions, but it is simple, practical and cost-effective.
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