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  • Advanced Shaver Braun Series 9 9290CC Reviews
     August 31, 2019
    No matter what grade of Braun shaver, it is always at a high price. This time, I spent some money and bought a Braun 9-series shaver. It is a high-end product, and the model is 9290CC.
    No matter what grade of Braun shaver, it is always at a high price. This time, I spent some money and bought a Braun 9-series shaver. It is a high-end product, and the model is 9290CC. The packaging box is a bit big with a lot of things inside.

    Product accessories:

    1. Braun 9290CC electric shaver
    2. Automatic cleaner
    3. Cleaning solution
    4. Shaver box
    5. Charging adapter
    6. Brush
    7. Product Instruction Manual

    It doesn't feel heavy on the hand. With the right size, it feels good to be gripped. The front of the shaver body is a white plastic shell and the back is soft rubber, with good anti-slip properties.

    In the above picture, the big button above is the lock button, which can lock the cutter head; the button in the middle is the power button; the bottom is the display, which can display the remaining power. And if used for a while, the shaver is not cleaned by the cleaner, there will be a white water droplet prompt, as shown inside the figure. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to open or lock the power supply, so as to prevent the shaver from being accidentally activated in the bag.

    This shaver has 4 cutter heads. There are two special cutter heads in the middle. One is white and the other is metal. The two blades are different in structure. It is used to shave long beards.

    Each blade mesh is independent and can be tilted in different directions. This has the advantage of allowing each razor to fit snugly against the face.

    The power output shafts that support the cutter heads are also designed such that they can float up and down without mutual interference, but they share a single main drive shaft, so their speed is the same.

    Next, look at the cutter head structure of 9290CC. Needless to say, Braun's high-end shaver has always been known for its complicated structure and is almost non-detachable. The advantage of this is that the shaving effect is very good. The disadvantage is that the cost of use is high. When the cutter head needs to be placed, you need to change it all together.

    As can be seen from the above figure, there are small springs to support the two sides of the blade mesh, so that the blade sticks to the blade mesh as much as possible. As long as the beard enters the blade mesh, no matter how short, it can be shaved.

    In addition, the entire cutter head can slide up and down, but it can be locked with the lock button. However, this lock button cannot really lock the cutter head base, and you can still slide the base with a little effort. If you are shaving the beard on your chin, it is best not to lock the base of the cutter head so that the base of the cutter head can slid itself to adapt to the chin. When shaving the beard on your face, you can lock the base of the cutter head, or you can unlock it according to personal habits.

    Braun 9290CC shaving feeling

    Although this shaver is all waterproof, during the test, I used dry shaving (that is, no shaving cream). My experience is as follows:

    1. The power is big, and the vibration is also big. By holding it in the hand for 30 seconds, the palm is a bit numb. I want to turn the power down, but found that this shaver has no power adjustment function.

    2. The face also feels a big vibration and a bit numb. The blade mesh has a slight heat, but it is not very hot, and it is acceptable.

    3. In the sliding back and forth of the shaver, you can feel that the blade mesh is tightly attached with the face and the chin, but the shaving is not efficient. You need to slowly move the shaver back and forth. It seems that the actual use situation is a bit different from the product promotion! It takes about 36 seconds to shave the beard on the face, and it takes more than 20 seconds to shave the chin. After shaving, there was no redness on the face and no itchiness.

    4. After shaving, touching the face with hands, there are no beard thorns, and it is relatively smooth. From a distance, there is no obvious black beard area can be seem on the face, and it is shaved very cleanly.

    This is probably my experience on using the 9290CC shaver for the first time. There will be different feelings after using it several times.

    The long hair trimmer is designed on the back of the shaver body. In fact, I dislike this design. According to my experience, it is not convenient to use it. It is easy to block the line of sight and it is not easy to use. However, the trimming function is not bad. I tried to trim a little hair and it feels very sensitive.

    Since the beard is completely shaved, just test the automatic cleaner. Before cleaning, learn about the cleaner and cleaning solution.

    The cleaning solution is blue, with the flavor of lemon and alcohol. It is oily by touching. It seems that as what the instructions indicate, the cleaning solution is disinfectant and lubricated.(I love cleanness very much, and will fill the solution box with water, haha)

    Well, well, well, just to say something responsibly, it is a joke saying that using water to replace the cleaning solution, since the shaver will be dirtier. Anyway, the shaver is waterproof, so it is better to take the faucet to wash it directly. The picture below is a cleaning box that I used before. After the cleaning solution is poured out, the beard residue still remains a lot. There is no way to completely remove it. If such a box is used repeatedly for a long time, there will be more and more beards inside. If tap water is used, the liquid does not have a disinfecting function, and bacteria will be more and more.

    At the bottom of the box, there is a thin layer of filter screen that is used to intercept the beard residue to the bottom, so that to the beard residue will not be pumped together while the pumping slurry pumps water. The big inlet is for pumping water, and the small one is for water to return (it may bring beard residue).

    The picture below shows the cleaning bucket with a pumping slurry at the bottom for the cleaning solution.

    First look at the cutter head cover stained with beard and the shaver power base.

    Then, start cleaning automatically with the cleaner.

    The effect after cleaning is as follows, and it is relatively clean:

    The cleaning is relatively clean, but don't be too proud. It doesn't work well for a long time. I used to have several shavers with automatic cleaners. After a long time, there will always be some beard mud staining at certain corner of the cutter head that needs to be removed with a toothpick.

    Summary of personal use experience:


    1. The shaving effect is outstanding, and the beard can be shaved completely. However, it takes some time and has to shave slowly in order to clean perfectly.

    2. Powerful.

    3. The battery supports fast charging.

    4. Easy to use, automatic cleaning, automatic blowing and automatic drying after washing.


    1. Comfort is not good. The power does not have an adjustable button, and the vibration is large. If the shaving time is too long, the hands and face are not comfortable.

    2. Noise is big.

    3. The cost of use is high. The shaving head should be replaced entirely once it is needed. The cleaning solution can't be used for a long time, and it takes about one to two months to change. This is a common problem of Braun high-end shavers, but you have already had a high-end shaver, do you still care about this? (Editor: I really care about it~~~)

    In general, I don't recommend this shaver very much. It is far worse than the 7-series shaver of the same brand. I have reviewed the Braun Series7 790CC. The shaving performance of this shaver is equally strong, but its shaving speed is very fast. It just takes 20 seconds to get it all. Moreover, the Series 7 also provides power adjustment gears. There are three gears that can be adjusted to suit different groups of people. When I use the series 7, I use the weakest one, which is enough. By the way, the series 7 battery capacity is also very large, and it not only supports fast charging, but also can be used while rushing.

    If 100 points is a perfect score, I only give 70 points for this Braun Series 9 9290CC shaver.

    Of course, the above is all my personal experience, not for everyone, for your reference only.

    Braun electric shaver 9290CC
    Braun electric shaver 9290CC Use Experience
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    Advanced Shaver Braun Series 9 9290CC Reviews
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