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  • Beard trimming, best electric shaver: braun series 7 790cc 4 review
     August 08, 2016
    This is the first time to evaluate Braun series 7 790cc 4 shaver. In addition to the shaving effect, the automatic cleaner supported is also given a detailed evaluation. Then, the ease of use, the noise and the battery capacity are evaluated, as well. In the end, we dismantled the 790cc, and as the internal structure shows, the shaver head is relatively complex.
    Braun released braun series 7 790cc 4 and we disassembled braun series 7 790cc 4 from inside. According to using it for trial, it showed braun series 7 790cc 4 could definitely achieve an advanced level which an electric shaver deserved. People can feel some German-made essence through superior internal parts of braun series 7 790cc 4.

    To be a top flagship level electric shaver, what kind of qualities does it need? You could follow the points below:

    Firstly, it could totally clean up beard. That means no matter the stubbly beard around the lips, or the soft beards which are closed to the neck, are all could be cleaned up completely.

    Secondly, it should be easy-to-use. As we known, we have to remove the leftover beard in the razor mesh in a period of time. Is it 100% waterproof? Is it easy cleaning? These are the key factors that use to evaluate an electric shaver.

    Finally, it is easy to carry when we are on a business trip. It is embarrassed that there is not enough charging when you are on short-term business trips. It must be good for charging during the long-term business trip. Don't come with a huge charging station.

    Body Exterior

    braun series 7 790cc comes with a shaver and an alcohol-based Clean and Charge Station. Let’s check the body of the shaver.

    braun series 7 790cc' size is moderate. It feels good as you hold it on hand. And the shaver is made by CFRP. It is a little bit cold but it feels nice. And the strength of the material quality is excellent. This can guarantee the shaver cannot be damaged from 1.5 meters height to the ground. The back of the shaver is covered with extensive material of rubber so that it can provide enough frictional force. And it feels amazing as you hold it. There is not any possibility for slipping. There are two metal contacts on the back of the shaver. They are used when it is connected with the Clean and Charge Station. There is also a direct charging port below. Then you could directly charge as you have a trip.

    When you hold braun series 7 790cc 4, all controlling buttons of front fuselage are under control by thumbs. You could open trimmer as you push up it. And you could use the trimmer to trim off the long hair on the temples and beards. The central circular is the power switch and pilot light. Beside the central circular, there are two buttons which separately control upshift and downshift at shaving mode. When the light is deep blue, that means the shaver is on maximum power. Normal power is blue light. But soft mode is white light. There is a circular light in the bottom of the braun series 7 790cc 4. This could display the battery status and the cleanliness of shaving heads. So the users could real-timely know the state of shaver. For example, you should check it out before you have a business trip to see how much power it remains. And it is easy for you to judge if you need to take charging line or not.

    It is the shaving heads on the top of razor. We could see braun series 7 790cc 4 with 2 shaving heads with razor blades and one activelift trimmer. And the optifoil razor blades can help you cute the beards for perfect closeness. ActiveLift trimmer captures flat-lying beards in problem areas. With really shaving beards with the trimmer, the shaving effect is as well as the manual shaver does. You could adjust the angle of the blades of braun series 7 790cc 4 in a very large range. This is able to easily cute the beards in chin area and the neck. There two buttons besides the razor mesh. The left one is the switch for taking apart the blades and the right-side one is the switch for locking the blades.

    Besides the body of shaver, all-in-one base of charging and cleaning unit is the one of the important parts of braun series 7 790cc 4. Open the lid of cleaning fluid which comes with the packages. After mounting it on the base, the base will automatically clean the blades, charge and lubricate the razor blades so the electric shaver can always keep the best status. The charging cord is amphibious. It can not only be the charging line of the base, but also directly charge the shaver.

    The package of braun series 7 790cc 4 still includes the travel case and a small brush which are good for carrying and cleaning the shaver.

    Electric Shaver 3 Elements Analysis

    After introducing the body of braun series 7 790cc 4, let's go back and confirm if braun series 7 790cc 4 meets the 3 elements that we talk about at the beginning of the this article or not.

    Firstly, shaving beards completely. Thanks to the technology of optifoil razor mesh and activelift, braun series 7 790cc 4 can cute the normal beards much cleaner that normal shaver which is difficult to remove the crooked beards does. That's so cool. Then, it can also easily cute the soft beards. And the beards in chin area are easily cut by the trimmer. braun series 7 790cc 4's power system can offer up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute. Thus, it is very efficient for shaving beards. After stretching your skin, you don't need to shave again on the same place. It can quickly remove the beards around the lips. Activelift trimmer can cut the soft, long or not-easy-to handling beards in the neck and side face with easy. Finally, you could use the trimmer to deal with the beards in chin area. The effect after shaving beards with braun series 7 790cc 4 is as well as manual shaver does. And it obviously takes less time than the normal shaver does to shave beards.

    The two pictures as following show the effect after shaving beard. The result is satisfying. During the shaving period,the skin is well protected and it feels good.

    Secondly, cleaning and maintaining. We have shown that braun series 7 790cc 4 is equipped with all-in-one charging and cleaning integrated station. It is very easy and simple to clean this kind of shavers. Just put the shaver into the base, then pressing the cleaning button. The job will be done after a few minutes. It is very quiet when it is cleaning the shaver. After finishing cleaning, the base can automatically dry the shaver blades. You can have a better feeling when you are using braun series 7 790cc 4 electric shaver with the light lemon fragrance from detergent.

    Finally, how is it easy to use? Here we have to talk about the LED of braun series 7 790cc in the bottom. It can display the level of power and cleaning. For daily use, it is much more convenient for shaving beards. braun series 7 790cc 4 use Lithium ion batteries which is the same as Tesla Motors to support power. With the fast charging technology, the battery can be fully charged in one hour. The shaver can be continuously used in 50 minutes.

    Internal Framework Exploration

    Let's show the internal elements of braun series 7 790cc 4. We can deeply see the internal framework of a shaver from these elements.

    From the picture above, we can know, no matter the elements are plastic or metal, they are very structured, texture, and as famous as made-in-Germany.

    Technically, let's see the core power of braun series 7 790cc 4 – electric motor. It does not support revolving, but offer up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute when needed. And this electric motor support power for shaver shaving beards and trimmer running.

    braun series 7 790cc 4 is a 100% waterproof shaver for easy cleaning. And it is mostly covered with rubber. The body structure is seamless so that it can guarantee there is no water getting into the internal shaver.

    braun series 7 790cc 4 electric shaver is composed by more than 400 elements. Each element is very structured. The textures are very nice. It is very closely tied. Since the meticulous processes and assemble each part of the shaver, it achieve the high quality electric shaver made-in-Germany.

    In Conclusion

    At the beginning, we said it was expected to get a flagship level electric shaver. Through a period of testing braun series 7 790cc 4, it almost totally meets these expectation. Good feeling, comfortable shaving and daily easy-to-use. All those features attract people love braun series 7 790cc 4 electric shaver. If you are a man who emphasis on the quality of life, braun series 7 790cc 4 absolutely worth you having. If you are thinking to send a gift to a man, braun series 7 790cc 4t is a perfect choice as a gift.

    Braun series 7 790cc
    Braun series 7 790cc Use Experience
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       # 1    [January 18, 2017]    Daniel
    For people who have big beard, does the manual razor has better shaving effect than this 790cc electric shaver?
      Admin   Reply:
    If the beard is hard, manual razor can shave cleaner than the electric shaver, but the blade is easy to be worn out, and it spends a lot of time every time you shave.
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       # 2    [September 06, 2016]    Jan Kalivoda
    Is it very inconvenient to take this cleaning bucket during a travel? If there is no cleaning bucket aside, is the shaver can be used once only? Is the cleaning bucket a must for charging?
      Admin   Reply:
    Of course, it is in convenient to take a bucket during your travel. The cleaning bucket is only used for cleaning. Without the cleaning bucket, you can also charge the shaver directly with a charger, and 790CC can also be used while charging.
    Reply #2

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