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  • Braun electric shaver 9290CC
    Advantage: 1. The shaving effect is outstanding, and the beard can be shaved completely. However, it takes some time and has to shave slowly in order to clean perfectly. 2. Powerful. 3. The battery supports fast charging. 4. Easy to use, automatic cleaning, automatic blowing and automatic drying after washing. Disadvantages: 1. Comfort is not good. The power does not have an adjustable button, and the vibration is large. If the shaving time is too long, the hands and face are not comfortable. 2. Noise is big. 3. The cost of use is high. The shaving head should be replaced entirely once it is needed. The cleaning solution can't be used for a long time, and it takes about one to two months to change. This is a common problem of Braun high-end shavers, but you have already had a high-end shaver, do you still care about this?
    2019-08-31 —————  
    Advanced Shaver Braun Series 9 9290CC Reviews
    No matter what grade of Braun shaver, it is always at a high price. This time, I spent some money and bought a Braun 9-series shaver. It is a high-end product, and the model is 9290CC. Read More »
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