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  • Braun Electric Shavers Series 3 340s-4 User Experience
     January 23, 2017
    This is the first time to evaluate the Braun electric shavers series 3 340s-4. In the evaluation process, this shaver seems to be cost-effective, both from the performance (such as: good shaving effect) and the ease of use (such as: the battery can quickly charge, and the shaver body can be washed). It is doing well in all aspects, as an excellent shaver.
    The shaver of Braun series 3 model 340s-4 is purchased this time. Braun series 3 shavers are designed specifically for the public. The price of this series of shavers is slightly higher than the entry-level, but cheaper than the mid-range shavers. They have many commonly used features which are very useful, such as fast battery charging, wet shaving, washable cutter head, etc.

    This is the box, relatively small:

    Parts List:

    1. Braun electric shavers 340s-4
    2. Head protection cover
    3. Support base
    4. Cleaning brush
    5. Charging power supply
    6. Cutter head lubricant
    7. Instruction manual

    This shaver uses blue and black in color to make it look more fashionable. Most front area of the shaver body uses smooth paint material, while the back and the side use soft plastic, and the non-slip effect is well done. The shaver body has a small curve to make it handier while being gripped in the hand.

    The switch, a transparent round button, is on the front of the shaver body. This shaver does not have the travel lock function, but the cutter head cover is designed to be very long, not only to protect the shaver head, but also to prevent the switch from being turned on by mistake.

    On the front of the shaver body there are power indicators, the "+" and "-" lights, to show whether the power is sufficient, without specific percentage of the remaining power. If the power is sufficient, the "+" light will flash; if the power is low, the "-" light will flash to indicate you need to charge the shaver.

    At the bottom there is a cutter head replacement indicator. When the shaver has been used for a certain time, you will be prompted to replace the cutter head.

    Long beard trimmer:

    The long beard trimmer is designed in the back of the shaver body, with relatively long size. The advantage is: it is very easy to use and convenient, while the disadvantage is: a lot of beard residue may easily snap into most area of the moving parts.

    The mark on the back of the shaver body shows that, this shaver supports the wet shave, so you can use it in the bath.

    Braun electric shavers 340s-4 cutter head structure:

    It can be seen, Braun 340s-4 cutter head base is fixed directly to the shaver body. According to my experience, with this design structure, the base cannot be slightly swung, resulting in a not good fit between cutter head mesh foil and the face; the beard in some bumpy parts (for example: the chin parts) is more difficult to shave. Generally, the cutter head base of the middle or high-grade shaver can be slightly swung.

    I have reviewed some shavers which own this feature. You can click to view the articles about their evaluation.

    1. Panasonic Es-la93-k, a high-level shaver at high price, with relatively complex base that can not only slide up and down, but also swing right and left!

    2. Braun 790cc, is also a high-level shaver at high price. The sales are very hot. The cutter head base can slide up and down. This shaver is a competitive product for the Panasonic Es-la93-k, and they are basically the same in both price and functionality. (I wrote an article which included detailed comparison in all aspects between Braun 790cc and Panasonic Es-la93-k.)

    3. Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100, a mid-range shaver, costs only a little higher than Braun 340s-4, but the base can move in the largest range among all shavers, not being worse than a high-level shaver!

    Well, continue to see the shaver Braun 340s-4 to be evaluated. It has three heads, and the middle one has relatively special cutter head structure, playing the role of lifting and shaving some especially short beard.

    The three heads are flexible, and they can tilt in different directions.

    Opening the cutter head mesh foil cover, you can see the shaver body includes three head support shafts. The three shafts are supported by good spring, so that the cutter head can move up and down.

    With a closer look, in fact, only two of the shafts provide power output, and the middle power shaft is connected with one of another two power shafts (marked out in red circle), so its movement direction and frequency are the same as the connected power shaft. The bottom of the power shaft is cover with waterproof plastic sleeve, so you can rinse the shaver head with water (marked out in blue circle).

    The cutter head and cutter mesh foil are a whole. The whole structure under the head cover is relatively simple, and there is no spring inside. I have evaluated some of the senior shavers which has spring support between the cutter head and cutter mesh foil, in addition to the spring for the drive shaft. Probably for cost reasons, the shaver head design is relatively simple.

    However, according to my experience, simple things do not mean no effect, because I have ever encountered this phenomenon that, some low-level shaver even has stronger effect than the senior shaver in some ways.

    Then let's have a look at the actual shaving effect.

    Braun Electric Shavers Series 3 340s-4 Shaving Experience

    When the shaver starts, the noise is not great and is acceptable. While being held on the hand, the shaver body has a bit large vibration. And the vibration on the face is obvious when shaving.

    I use dry shaving, and do not feel obvious heat from the cutter head mesh foil.

    After shaving, the skin is not red and itchy, but there is a little numb feeling around the lips, which may be due to the large vibration.

    The face feels fairly smooth while being touched by hand, without stabbing short beard. However, in the chin area, some short beards are leftover, and the prickly feeling is obvious if the hand touches up from the bottom. This is in my expectation. As its cutter head base cannot swing, some short beards will be left in some parts that are difficult to shave. If you want to shave these parts cleanly, take some time to shave back and forth several times.

    I shaved again on my chin back and forth for a few times. It eventually shaved off most of the short beard, but a few short beards are still leftover there, on the side of my chin. Moreover, my chin felt a little numb as the shaving last for a long time on this part.

    Braun Electric Shavers Series 3 340s-4 Ease of Use

    Since the shaving is finished, then just continue to clean the shaver. With the head cover opened, the beard residue inside can be seen.

    The beard shaved is powder-like, indicating that the shaver can shave very short beard on the smooth face.

    Braun 340s-4 supports washing. Start the shaver, and rinse with water for about 10 seconds.

    The beard residues are washed completely. There is no need to open the head cover and clean it with a cleaning brush. It is very convenient and practical for lazy people; every time when the shaving is finished, just wash it simply, without being afraid of growing bacteria.

    On the battery, this shaver has great battery capacity, and it also supports fast charging. When it is totally power-off, it can be fully charged within 1 hour; charging 5 minutes is enough to complete a shave.

    The charging is also convenient. At the bottom of the shaver body, there is a charging interface., and there is also one on the support base. The charging power is universal.

    The lubricant is also equipped, so as to extend the life of the cutter head.


    The shaver is inexpensive and stylish, with small and light body, along with various features: large-capacity battery, fast charging, body integrated charging interface and protective cutter head cover, etc. I feel this shaver is designed for travel.

    However, as the cutter head base is fixed on the shaver body, it cannot slightly swing, so in the parts where beard is difficult to shave, it does not perform well enough. For people who have a big beard, especially those who have whiskers, this shaver is not suitable for use. If there are no whiskers, this shaver can still be an option. In general, the shaving effect is good.

    If you are a travel and selfie lover, and do not want to be affected by the dirty beard, without taking a shaver that is too expensive, you can consider buying this shaver.

    Braun electric shavers series 3 340s
    Braun electric shavers series 3 340s Use Experience
    Since 2017-07-11, there are 1 reports on the use of Braun electric shavers series 3 340s. You can click here to view these reports.

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