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  • Braun electric shavers series 3 340s
    Braun electric shavers series 3 340s is designed specifically for the public. This series of shavers are slightly more expensive than the entry-level ones, but cheaper than the mid-range shavers. They have many commonly used functions, such as, battery fast charge, wet shaving, washable shaver head, which is very practical. Our evaluation of this shaver is that, it has neither particularly obvious advantages, nor shortcomings. It performs generally in all aspects.
    2017-01-23 —————  
    Braun Electric Shavers Series 3 340s-4 User Experience
    This is the first time to evaluate the Braun electric shavers series 3 340s-4. In the evaluation process, this shaver seems to be cost-effective, both from the performance (such as: good shaving effect) and the ease of use (such as: the battery can quickly charge, and the shaver body can be washed). It is doing well in all aspects, as an excellent shaver. Read More »
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