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  • Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC / 5190CC Use Experience
     October 12, 2017
    This is our first evaluation of Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC / 5190CC. In the evaluation process, its performance is good, with excellent shaving effect. It can shave the beard very cleanly, even beyond a lot of shavers at the same level. In addition, it provides good use of convenience and is very easy to use. Of course, this shaver also has some shortcomings, such as, being time-consuming in completely cleaning the beard, large motor vibration, large noise, having no drying function on the automatic cleaning device, and so on. The following article will give you a more in-depth understanding of the 5090CC / 5190CC shaver.
    It takes heavy when first getting this shaver. The first impression to the package is fashion and fineness.

    Open to see the inside.

    1. Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC / 5190CC shaver
    2. Cleaning barrel
    3. Cleaning Agent
    4. Charging power supply
    5. Brush
    6. Shaving blades cover
    7. An Introduction Manual

    Each object is placed relatively compact, with good use of space inside.

    The shaver is heavy, but the size is just right. The body slightly bent a little bit, with very comfortable hand feeling.

    Most of the shaver body is black, with a little blue, which looks beautiful. The upper front part of the shaver body is made of the smooth piano paint, while the rest is of soft plastic, with good slip resistance.

    The larger button above is the lock button, used to lock the shaving blades, so that the blades will not slide around. Pushing up is to unlock, and pulling down is to lock.

    The middle is the power switch, with the function of locking the power to prevent the wrong start of the shaver. By holding down for 5 seconds, you can lock or unlock the power. At the bottom the red lock icon will be prompted.

    At the bottom there is the power indicator light, with a total of three cells.

    At The bottom of the shaver body, there is a charging interface.

    Next, look at the blades structure, which is essential and related to the shaving effect.

    5090CC / 5190CC has three blades, with two of the same structure on sides and a different one in the middle, mainly used to lift and shave the very short beard.

    Each blade mesh foil can float up and down independently.

    The entire shaver blades can slide up and down.

    If you do not want the shaver blades to slide up and down, you can use the lock button in front of the shaver body, to pull down to lock the shaver blades.

    It is worth mentioning that this lock function provides four locking grooves. In the figure below you can see that below the shaver blades, there are three spaces, while the other one was blocked by the shaver body, so in fact, there are a total of four spaces.

    In addition, the locking function is not like any other type of shaver that the shaver blades will not be able to slide once locked. For this shaver, with a little bit of effort, you can still slide the shaving blades to another locking groove.

    After removing the blade mesh, you can see that it is quite similar to that of the Braun series 7 790cc. However, compared with the of Braun series 7 blade structure, Braun series 5 is too simple. And it has no spring in the blade mesh.

    The following is the Braun series 7 790cc blade mesh foil, with a spring; click here to view Braun series 7 790cc evaluation article.

    The base of Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC / 5190CC blades has three power pillars, with a spring under each pillar, and you can float them up and down.

    The long hair trimmer locates in the back of the shaver body.

    This trimmer is very short. To be honest, I think this design is very poor, without any convenience.

    Braun Series 5 Shaver 5090CC / 5190CC Shaving Experience

    Then by using the 5090CC / 5190CC shaver, let's look at the actual shaving ability of the shaver. how.

    The most direct feeling, also the most obvious shortcoming:

    When the shaver is started, the vibration is very large. Holding the shaver for a long time in the hand, the hand is even a little numb. During shaving, the face obviously feels a great shock, and the inside motor rotates very fast. If shaving takes too long, the vibration brings very uncomfortable feeling.

    Shaving effect:

    Thanks to the high-speed rotation of the motor and excellent blade mesh structure design, 5090CC / 5190CC can shave beard of various parts very cleanly, and even the part which is difficult to shave like the chin, can be easily cleaned.

    After shaving, by touching various parts of the face with hand, there is no feeling of thorns, so it indicates that beard was shaved completely.

    After shaving, the face does not feel itchy, nor red, and the shaver protects the skin well.

    In the shaving effect, this shaver is comparable with Braun series 7 790cc.

    In the shaving efficiency, it is not as good as 790cc, because in the process of shaving, it obviously takes a longer time to completely shave the beard.

    So, although this shaver has more complicated design in blade and blade mesh structure than the average shaver, it needs more improvement compared with other advanced shavers.


    This shaver noise is relatively large.

    This is the noise value of the surrounding environment before the shaver is started.

    When the shaver is started, the noise level becomes much larger

    Braun Series 5 Shaver 5090CC / 5190CC Cleaning Function

    Since the shaver has been stained with beard residues, then let's have a test on its cleaning function.

    This cleaning bucket is not large, so it is easy to find a suitable location for it in the bathroom.

    Above the switch button in the cleaning bucket, there are multiple LED lights that show the current operating status.

    Continue to see, after cleaning, whether the blade mesh has been cleaned.

    It seems very clean and the effect is not bad. The only pity is that the cleaning bucket has no dry function, so it cannot dry the shaver.

    This shaver is waterproof, so we do not have to clean it with the bucket every time. You can rinse it with water quickly every time after shaving the beard.


    Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC / 5190CC is a mid-range shaver, but it provides a lot of functions that are mainly owned by high-end shavers.

    First of all, the shaving effect is very good, being comparable with the advanced shavers. At this point, it is beyond our expectation.

    Secondly, it has good protection to the skin. During shaving, there is no feel of tingling, and when shaving is finished, the face did not turn red or feel itchy.

    Unfortunately, its efficiency is general, so if you want to completely shave the beard, a little bit more time is needed. At this point, it is not as good as the advanced shavers, like Braun series 7 790cc.

    In regard to ease of use, it is also convenient.

    1. It has large capacity battery which also supports fast charging, but it is not allowed to use the shaver while charging.

    2. It is equipped with automatic cleaning bucket, but the cleaning bucket only has the cleaning function, without the function of drying the shaver.


    Its vibration is very large. Your hand may feel numb once holding it for a long time and the face will feel uncomfortable.

    Its big noise will make the quiet environment suddenly become noisy.

    In general, the Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC / 5190CC is a cost-effective shaver. Although some of its small defects make people feel its imperfection, for shavers of this grade, it has done a good job. If you are not concerned too much about very small problems, but the cost performance, you can consider this shaver.

    Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC
    Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC Use Experience
    Since 2017-10-12, there are 2 reports on the use of Braun series 5 shaver 5090CC. You can click here to view these reports.

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