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  • Braun Series 7 790cc-4 VS Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Senior Electric Shaver Practical Experience
     January 26, 2017
    Braun electric shaver Series 7 790cc-4 and Panasonic electric shaver ES-LA93-K are both high-level shavers, with similar price and functions. For example: they are both washable, with high-speed motor, having large capacity batteries that support fast charge, and equipped with automatic cleaner, etc. Of course, they also have differences. For example, 790cc-4 haves 4 of blades, while ES-LA93-K haves 3 of blades.

    1. In the shaving function which shaver is stronger and more comfortable in the end?
    2. In the ease of use which is better?
    3. In the automatic cleaning, which one can clean up the shaver more thoroughly?

    We will show the advantages and disadvantages of these two shavers one by one.
    While buying high-priced products, most people often cannot determine which to choose among products at the same price, as the price is relatively high. It will make people feel unpleasant if a lot of money has spent but the product purchased is not suitable for use, and the moods in shopping may be affected.

    I just bought some time ago two senior shavers, and the price is not cheap. The two shavers are: Braun electric shaver Series 7 790cc-4 and Panasonic electric shaver ES-LA93-K. I have been using these two shavers for some time, so I think I should be eligible to talk about which is better between these two shavers.

    These two shavers have similar price and many similar features. They are also very popular in the market.

    What is the difference between Braun electric shaver Series 7 790cc-4 and Panasonic electric shaver ES-LA93-K? Let us look at it step by step.

    First of all, as the boxes show, Panasonic ES-LA93-K has much larger package than Braun 790cc, and it is the largest shaver box I have ever seen.

    Of course, to open the boxes and look inside, ES-LA93-K accessories do not have many more than 790CC actually, and most of the accessories are of similar functions. However, ES-LA93-K has no cleaning brush but it has a cutter head protective cover instead, which is differsent from 790CC.
    Here is the accessories list:

    The size of these two shavers is almost the same.

    The entire cutter head base of ES-LA93-K is relatively large, while the body is relatively small, and you can hold the whole shaver body by hand

    Differently, the 790CC cutter head and shaver body have almost the same size.

    The back of ES-LA93-K body is covered with a lot of soft plastic, with good slip resistance, while the back of 790CC shaver is totally made of soft plastic which even extends to the sides of the shaver body. Being held in the hand, 790CC shaver makes me feel more comfortable than the ES-LA93-K.

    From the above picture, you can also see that there are two bath marks, which means that these two shavers can be used in the bath, and the whole shaver body is waterproof. That is to say, you can soak the whole shaver in the water without any problem.

    Both shavers have a liquid crystal display, but the ES-LA93-K can display more information than the 790CC.

    ES-LA93-K LCD screen in the front of the shaver body, can display the information:

    1. Remaining battery power (can be displayed as a numerical value and five battery cells)
    2. Cutter head replacement prompt
    3. Cleaning status prompt
    4. Charging status prompt
    5. Ultrasonic cleaning status

    790CC LCD screen at the bottom of the shaver body, can display the information:

    1. Remaining battery power
    2. Cutter head cleanliness (after research, it turns out that there is a timer inside the shaver, each time after cleaning the shaver by using the cleaning system, the timer will be cleared; if the shaver has not been cleaned for a long time, the value on timer may reach a set value, and it will prompt you to clean the cutter head.)
    3. Cutter head replacement prompt

    Look at the difference between the two shaver's cutter head. The cutter head structure determines the shaving effect of a shaver, so it is the most concerned part. Then I'll explain it in detail.

    First, viewing from the cutter head base, both the two cutter head bases are able to slide, which is a function owned generally by senior shavers. The sliding cutter head base, allows the shaver mesh foil to better close to the face, especially some irregular parts with bones raised, such as: chin parts.


    ES-LA93-K cutter head base can not only slide up and down, but also left and right, so ES-LA93-K performs better than 790CC in fitting the face with cutter head.

    In the cutter head, ES-LA93-K has four heads, and 790CC has three heads.
    They both have a special cutter head (marked out in a red circle) which can lift particularly short beard, and then trim out.

    Remove the cutter mesh cover, and compare their heads structure:

    The ES-LA93-K has two main cutter heads embedded on the drive shaft. It has two high-speed motors (14,000 revolutions per minute), that is, each of the main heads is driven by a single motor. Beside each drive shaft, a plastic rod (marked by a red circle) is also extended to carry the other two heads above the cutter cover.

    Under the two heads there are springs, so they can move up, down and around.

    The cutter structure under the cutter mesh cover is more complex than the general shaver. With springs, the cutter mesh can be tilted in different directions.

    The 790CC cutter heads are all set in the cutter mesh cover. There are three drive shafts, but they are driven by the same motor.

    The springs below the three drive shafts can move up and down, but cannot swing around.

    The cutter cover is more complex. The springs inside are relatively long and very soft, which can let the cutter mesh tilt in different directions.

    The flexible cutter head base + the retractable power transmission shafts + the cutter mesh being able to tilt in different directions, this structure can be said as an advanced design; only the advanced shaver will be designed in such way. It can shave the facial parts cleanly that are difficult to shave. So it is, in the process of my use.

    From the appearance, it seems that ES-LA93-K is better in various hardware configuration than 790CC, so is it also has better shaving effect? Let's compare it.

    This time we no longer apply live-shaving, because in the previous evaluation articles, we gave live-shaving show respectively on these two shavers. If you need to view the articles, you can click on the link to view these two articles:

    1. 790cc Shaving Experience
    2. ES-LA93-K Shaving Show

    This time we shave the object: kiwi. Why choose kiwi fruit? This is because the fruit has long hair on surface, and the fruit hair is hard, with almost the same hardness as beard. In addition, the fruit surface is not flat, so the uneven parts can be used to simulate some irregular parts on the face and test how fit it is between the shaver cutter head and the face.

    This is how they look before shaving. The left fruit will be shaved with ES-LA93-K, while the right with 790CC.

    After shaving

    The comparison picture

    The fruit hair has basically been trimmed over, and in some uneven parts the fruit hair is also shaved very cleanly. Although the ES-LA93-K in the hardware configuration is better than the 790CC, these two shavers actually have the same shaving effect. In fact, when I use them, I did not feel any difference between their shaving effect.

    In terms of power, although the ES-LA93-K has two drive motors, the speed is fixed, at 14,000 rev / min. On contrary, the 790CC has only one drive motor, but the rotation speed can be adjusted via a button; there are a total of three optional gears: the normal gear, the strengthened gear and the strongest gear. In daily use, the normal gear has been very strong, so if the gear is swifted to the strongest gear, the hand may become numb due to the vibration after holding it for a long time, and the face will feel very uncomfortable. This is because the motor rotation speed is too fast, much faster than the ES-LA93-K.

    Since it comes to the shaving effect, let’s talk about the long beard trimmer by the way.

    The long beard trimmer of ES-LA93-K is designed in the back of the cutter head part, while that of the 790CC is in the front of the shaver body.

    In fact, they both have sharp cutter head, but the 790CC is easier to use, because the ES-LA93-K cutter head is too large, which may affect the line of sight in the actual use.

    Braun Electric Shaver 790cc and Panasonic Electric Shaver ES-LA93-K Automatic Cleaning Function Comparison

    Since the shaving is finished, we will compare their automatic cleaning function then.

    Open the cutter head, and this is how it looks before cleaning. Some fruit hairs stain inside.

    Panasonic ES-LA93-K

    Braun 790cc

    Start cleaning it.

    The effect after cleaning:

    As for Panasonic ES-LA93-K, you can see the ES-LA93-K cutter head and cutter mesh cover are still stained with a little bit fruit hair (marked out in a red circle).

    Braun 790cc is cleaner relatively.

    May be compared with the beard, the fruit hairs have lighter weight, so they are difficult to clean. Anyhow, in my daily use of the ES-LA93-K, the beard residue in cutter mesh can be cleaned thoroughly. However, this shows that, 790CC cleaning function is indeed stronger than the ES-LA93-K!

    Where have the fruit hairs gone to? All the fruit hairs are blocked inside the cleaning box. These are their cleaning boxes, and the left is of the ES-LA93-K, whil e the right is of the 790CC.

    ES-LA93-K cleaning box is relatively small, with only sponge and no liquid, mainly being used to block beard. This is the beard residue leftover before.

    The cleaning solution is filled on your own. The storage tank is in the back of the automatic cleaning machine. Simply pour water into it. You can frequently change water to prevent bacteria from breeding.

    790CC cleaning box is relatively large, and there is liquid inside. After opening it, you can smell a strong smell of alcohol. The liquid inside the cleaning box cannot be replaced with water, as it contains not only alcohol, but also lubricants for lubricating cutter head.

    Beard were blocked inside. In order to prevent bacteria from breeding, the liquid alcohol concentration is high.

    In terms of ease of use, each has advantages and disadvantages.

    ES-LA93-K has travel lock function; below the switch, push up to lock the switch and the "LOCK" word can be seen, while 790CC does not have this feature.

    They are both provided with a travel box which is made of artificial cortex for ES-LA93-K, while it is of cloth for 790CC.

    Both shaver bodies have the charging interface. If you need to take them out, you do not have to take the large automatic cleaner.


    Both shaver have good prices, and they are senior shavers, with their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Let me talk about my feelings after long-term using of them. It is just my personal subjective feelings, and may not present the public, for reference only.

    Shaving effect:
    They are almost the same, without difference.

    ES-LA93-K has bigger cutter head, and may be more suitable for people who have whiskers, or who have a lot of beard on face.

    ES-LA93-K motor vibration is small and soft relatively, with better protection on the skin; However, as ES-LA93-K has four heads which release much heat, if you do not use water or shaving foam, you can obvious feel the heat in a short period of time.

    790CC vibration is strong and it takes longer time for shaving, so the face may feel uncomfortable; the heat it releases is not obvious, which puzzles me a lot, since such a high-speed motor even releases smaller heat than ES-LA93-K. This may be due to that 790CC has just three heads, or 790CC performs better in heat treatment.

    Automatic cleaning system:
    If the shavers are just used to shave beard, without doing anything else, they can be cleaned in the same effect. If you really try to firgure out which is better, then the 790CC cleaning effect may be a little better.

    Battery performance and capacity:
    Their batteries support fast charging. With 1 hour they can be fully charged. However, ES-LA93-K is more power-consuming, and it may be used for bout 5 to 6 days after a charge. The 790CC can be used for about 10 days after a charge. In this aspect, these two shavers have quite different performance.

    ES-LA93-K motor speed is lower than the 790CC. However, as it has four heads and its own motor speed is not low, it has largest noise.

    When using the automatic cleaner, 790CC produces the most noise. When it is in the drying stage (both shaver cleaning systems have the drying function, so after cleaning, by blowing hot air, the cutter head can be dried), 790CC is very quiet, and ES-LA93-K has relatively large sound when blowing air.

    So, when you try to use a shaver, please be more attentive to the surrounding environment, and avoid disturbing others who are resting.

    The entire shaver body is waterproof:
    Although some shaver models support the water washing of the cutter head, their shaver bodies are not entirely waterproof, and the shavers cannot be soaked fully into water. On the other hand, some models are fully waterproof, and you can put the shaver into water. For the concept of waterproof, many people do not understand, and do not want to take the risk to test whether their shavers are fully waterproof. Well, just let me do the test, in order to give you a truth!

    That's it for the comparison of the two shavers here. On the whole, these two shavers can meet most of the needs.

    1. If your skin is tender, and you need to focus on the protection of your skin, it is best to use ES-LA93-K. And while shaving, first use the shaving foam or wash your face, and then shave.

    2. If you often travle outside , it is best to use 790CC. With super-large-capacity battery, a fully charged shaver may be used for a long time.

    OK, I should go and enjoy the delicious kiwi now.

    Braun series 7 790cc

    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K
    Braun series 7 790cc Use Experience
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    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K Use Experience
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       # 1    [March 09, 2017]    Kathy Casey
    This is a good article.

    I have been concerned about Braun 790CC shaver for a long time. My skin is relatively sensitive, and I used other shavers, but they were not good for me, because every time after shaving beard, my face feel a little hot. I am not sure whether 790CC will be like this.

    Thank you!
      Admin   Reply:
    Braun series 7 790CC can protect the skin. When we use it, our face did not feel hot, but if your skin is very sensitive, I suggest you use Panasonic's high-end shaver. Panasonic does very good in comfort.
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