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    Panasonic is a well-known century-old company, mainly producing all kinds of daily necessities. The shavers it produces get recognized by the majority of consumers, due to moderate prices, high quality and superior shaving effect. All the shavers apply reciprocating mode of shaving (ie: the head swings back and forth). Panasonic, although being new in the shaver industry, its careful and rigorous design style has presented its great progress in a short time. In Europe and the United States market, it also competes fiercely with Braun and Philips - two shaver industry Bosses.
    While buying high-priced products, most people often cannot determine which to choose among products at the same price, as the price is relatively high. It will make people feel unpleasant if a lot of money has spent but the product purchased is not suitable for use, and the moods in shopping may be  Read More »
    The shaver purchased this time is: Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K, a Panasonic high-end shaver, at high price surely. According to official advertising, this shaver is excellent in both function and ease of use. For example: its high-speed motor is at 14,000 revolutions per minute, and it has t  Read More »
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