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  • Panasonic Electric Shaver Es-La93-K User Experience
     December 12, 2016
    The shaver purchased this time is: Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K, a Panasonic high-end shaver, at high price surely. According to official advertising, this shaver is excellent in both function and ease of use. For example: its high-speed motor is at 14,000 revolutions per minute, and it has two motors! It has four shaving heads, multi-function LCD screen, high-capacity battery available for fast charging, and even an automatic cleaning system. . . and many more

    Well, let us come to the actual use, to see whether this shaver is as good as what the official advertises. Is it worth the money?
    The shaver purchased this time is: Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K, a Panasonic high-end shaver, at high price surely. According to official advertising, this shaver is excellent in both function and ease of use. For example: its high-speed motor is at 14,000 revolutions per minute, and it has two motors! It has four shaving heads, multi-function LCD screen, high-capacity battery available for fast charging, and even an automatic cleaning system. . . and many more

    Well, let us come to the actual use, to see whether this shaver is as good as what the official advertises. Is it worth the money?

    Look at the packing box. It is really great. So far, it is the largest shaver box I have seen!

    Open the box, inside which is double-packed.

    Product list:

    1. A Es-La93-K One shaver (with protective cap)
    2. An artificial leather shaver box
    3. A cleaning box
    4. Automatic cleaning system
    5. A charging power supply
    6. Manual and warranty card, etc.

    Do you think there must be something else? What’s it? It is only a cleaning brush that can't be found! I carefully looked for it in the packing box but found nothing else, but it is a high-end product, and is it really not equipped with a small cleaning brush? Or, is Panasonic so confident in their automated cleaning system that there is no need to have a cleaning brush, superfluously? Okay, I will seriously test your cleaning system!

    Although the box is large, the shaver is not. I think it is only slightly larger than the average shaver. It is very handy and you can also feel the shaver is a bit heavy.

    The front shaver body has two switches. The upper one is the start switch which can be pressed down to start / close the shaver, and the following is the travel lock which can be pushed up to lock the switch.

    Under the lock there is a liquid crystal display that can display a lot of information, such as:

    When you start the shaver, the remaining power is displayed in grids (there is a total of 5 grids, each representing 20% of the power) and it also shows how long the shaver has been running.

    When you turn off the shaver, the remaining power will be displayed in a percentage value. It will also display, if your shaver has not been cleaned for a long time, a prompt to remind you to put the shaver into the automatic cleaning system. If the shaver has been used for more than a year, an icon will appear to remind you that you should change the cutter head, so you do not have to worry about forgetting to change the cutter head; before the indicating icon for cutter head replacement is shown, you do not need to worry about whether the blade is sharp enough; rest assured to use it, because the parameter in factory setting is a relatively conservative value.

    If you insert the shaver into the automatic cleaning bucket, there will be three indicating marks, namely: ultrasonic cleaning, washing, charging.

    The black and coarser part of the shaver back is made of soft plastic and non-slip. There are three metal points over the back controlled by the automatic cleaning system, since it may occasionally start the shaver during the cleaning process, in order to clear up the beard stuck on the cutter head.

    At the bottom of the back there is a hint, showing that this shaver can be used in the bath, because the shaver has a waterproof feature.

    At the bottom of the shaver body there is a power interface, and you can insert the charger for charging. If you take the shaver to a distant place, you do not need to take the big cleaning bucket, and it will save you a lot of suitcase space.

    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K cutter head show

    Es-La93-K has four heads. The two heads aside have the same mesh foil and internal structure, but the middle two are different. One of the mesh foils in the middle has many holes, but its holes are smaller than the two aside, and the entire mesh foil area than is also smaller, along with different cutter head internal structure. The rest cutter head is clearly different from others.

    The combination of these types of heads is called in Panasonic's official advertising, a kind of technology which I can’t remember. The names of such technologies are always too difficult to remember; just forget it anyway, since I do not care about the so-called technology advertised by those manufacturers. In my principle, I only judge things according to the actual use effect!

    This is the four-head mesh foil:

    Open the head mesh foil cover, and you can see the head structure inside:

    Two large heads are controlled by two high-speed motors (14,000 revolutions per minute). Es-La93-K shaver has two motors, each with a raised plastic rod next to it (marked out in the red circle), used to drive the other two heads on mesh foil.

    The other two heads are embedded in the head cover. You can see inside the mesh foil and cutter head there are small springs (marked out in red circle), so that the head can fit the face better.

    The other two big cutter heads can also be swung slightly up and down or left and right.

    Not only that the cutter head can be swung slightly, even the entire base of the head can be swung around. This design is good to let the shaver adapt to various facial curves.

    If you do not want the entire shaver base to swing, you can lock it, and the locking switch is on the back of the base.

    Push up a grid to lock the base of the cutter head.

    And then continue to push up once more, you can also raise the long beard trimmer.

    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K shaving experience

    Start shaving, and the noise is relatively large, which is probably due to the two high-speed motors. However, the vibration is very small while holding it on hand. It is puzzling. I guess it is because that the heads at the same time, respectively move toward the anti-direction, so that the vibration force of the left and right offsets each other.

    It took me about 2 minutes to shave my beard. I used a dry shave and did not use any shaving foam. (In my evaluation, I always used dry shaving because it was more intuitive to feel how the shaver protects the skin.) In the process of shaving, the skin was not itchy, but I could feel the cutter head became hot quickly, and the heat significantly increased 2 ~ 3 ℃. When the shaving finished, the skin did not appear to be red.

    Touch the face with hands, and I felt it relatively smooth entirely, and basically there was no protruding beard roots left. Standing 2 meters away from the mirror, I saw no "black beard face" phenomenon that might occur due to long beard roots. It appears that the beard was trimmed very short.

    Long beard trimmer:

    I used a long beard trimmer to trim the beard, and felt that the cutter head of the long beard trimmer was quite sharp and it could neatly trim. However, I found a problem that since the long beard trimmer was designed on the back of the head cover, resulting in affecting of the line of sight seriously due to the big cutter head cover. Therefore, it is not easy to use.

    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K automatic cleaning system cleaning effect show

    Well, since the beard has been shaved over, the shaver needs to be cleaned right now. In the beginning of the article I mentioned that the high-level Es-La93-K shaver actually does not have a cleaning brush, so could it be said that Panasonic is so confident to its automatic cleaning system. Now it is the time to test.

    Automatic cleaning bucket is rectangular, not wide, so it is easy in the crowded bathroom to find a location for it.

    It is very simple to use. The button has only a "SELECT". Just put in the shaver and press it.

    The cleaning box is relatively small, and there is no liquid, but only the sponge. I smell a bit alcohol and lemon from the sponge. In addition to disinfect shaver head, the sponge can also block the stubble.

    Installation is also very simple. Just install it in the bottom of the automatic cleaner

    Automatic cleaning device has a water tank on the back. Fill in water, below the MAX water level line.

    The power connector is on the bottom of the cleaner. Simply plug in.

    This is the stubble left on cutter head and mesh foil before cleaning.

    Start cleaning, and in the process of cleaning the shaver will also be charged.

    You can clearly see the water flows out from the left hole, and the entire head will be slowly soaked.

    I noticed that the water turned white, but what I put in the water tank is clean water, so it indicates that the cleaning box contains a white powder object. What is this kind of object used for? I do not know. Perhaps it brings lubrication for the cutter head. I remember that the Braun 790CC shaver is equipped with a cleaning box (the cleaning box contains a box of liquid) which provides not only disinfection, but also lubrication for the head. The figure below is the equipped cleaning box of Braun 790CC: (If you are interested in this shaver, you can click here to view another evaluation article which is about Braun 790CC evaluation.)

    This automatic cleaning system will determine whether a deep cleaning for the shaver is needed, without human intervention (In fact, I figure out that there is a chip inside the shaver recording the last cleaning time; then the cleaning system reads the time and judges how long the shaver hasn’t been cleaned, so as to choose a different cleaning mode).

    In the cleaning process, you can clearly hear the sound of water, and the shaver is occasionally activated. Finally there is an automatic drying system to dry the cutter head, in the way of blowing hot air. However, the sound of blowing air can also be heard clearly, so if someone around you is resting or your environment requires being relatively quiet, then do not use this cleaning system.

    When the cleaning is over, open the shaver head, and the beard inside is cleaned up thoroughly. It is really good. Moreover, no water can be found on the cutter head, so the drying function is also excellent.

    Continue to look at the cleaning box; the stubbles are blocked here.

    It is a very good automatic cleaning function.

    Evaluation summary

    The shaver performs well in both function and the ease of use, it is worthy of the price.


    1. The shaving function is strong, with very good shaving effect.

    2. It provides good protection to the skin.

    3. Although there are two high-speed motors, the vibration is controlled very well and relatively small.

    4. It can be quickly charged, and the shaver body also has a charging interface. Along with the matching leather sheath, it is very convenient to be taken for a travel or a business tour.

    5. The cleaning system is easy and convenient to use.

    6. The use cost is low. The main function of the cleaning box is to block the beard. Each over a period of time, pour out the beard inside simply. The period can be a long time. The cleaning liquid is water and can be replaced at any time.


    1. It is noisy. Whether in shaving, or when starting the cleaning system, the noise will affect people who are at rest.

    2. In later use, I found the shaver power consumption is relatively large. Due to its two high-speed motors, the power consumption is faster, but fortunately Es-La93-K battery capacity is relatively large. However, it needs to be charged each 1 week on an average.

    3. This shaver releases relatively large heat. Fortunately Es-La93-K is waterproof and supports the wet shave, so that water can take away the heat.

    4. The long beard trimmer is not easy to use. The huge head cover interrupt most of the line of sight.

    Suitable crowd:

    1. People who have a lot of beard, especially the whiskers.
    2. People whose skin needs special protection, or is easily allergic.
    3. People who are relatively busy, and have no time to manually clean the shaver.
    4. People who often go out, while the beard grows very fast.

    In general, this shaver, despite its high price, provides good value for money, except for the quick power consumption and large noise.

    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K
    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K Use Experience
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