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  • Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K
    Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K is a high-grade Panasonic shaver. It has 4 heads and 2 high-speed motors at 14,000 rpm. It also has multi-function display, and high-capacity batteries that can be quickly charged, as well as the equipped automatic cleaning system. According to our experience, the evaluation of this shaver is: 1. The shaving function is powerful. 2. The comfort is great. 3. It is very convenient to use. 4. The power consumption is very fast.
    2017-01-26 —————  
    Braun Series 7 790cc-4 VS Panasonic ES-LA93-K, Senior Electric Shaver Practical Experience
    Braun electric shaver Series 7 790cc-4 and Panasonic electric shaver ES-LA93-K are both high-level shavers, with similar price and functions. For example: they are both washable, with high-speed motor, having large capacity batteries that support fast charge, and equipped with automatic cleaner, etc. Of course, they also have differences. For example, 790cc-4 haves 4 of blades, while ES-LA93-K haves 3 of blades.1. In the shaving function which shaver is stronger and more comfortable in the end?2. In the ease of use which is better?3. In the automatic cleaning, which one can clean up the shaver more thoroughly?We will show the advantages and disadvantages of these two shavers one by one. Read More »
      ————— 2016-12-12
    Panasonic Electric Shaver Es-La93-K User Experience
    The shaver purchased this time is: Panasonic electric shaver Es-La93-K, a Panasonic high-end shaver, at high price surely. According to official advertising, this shaver is excellent in both function and ease of use. For example: its high-speed motor is at 14,000 revolutions per minute, and it has two motors! It has four shaving heads, multi-function LCD screen, high-capacity battery available for fast charging, and even an automatic cleaning system. . . and many moreWell, let us come to the actual use, to see whether this shaver is as good as what the official advertises. Is it worth the money? Read More »
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