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    Philips was founded in 1891 in the Netherlands, with very high popularity, mainly producing lighting, household appliances, medical systems products. Philips is a very old enterprise, and its technology has very strong accumulation. It produces very easy-to-use shavers. Most of the shaver heads apply rotating mode, and can be self-grinding without user intervention. Philips shaver was designed in accordance with European and American standards, so in Europe and the United States it is particularly popular. And later Philips also designed the shavers appropriate for Asians in order to open up the Asian market.
    We purchased the shaver: Philips Norelco shaver 9300 series, with the specific model: S9311/87, which belongs to Philips senior shaver. It has three blade meshes that can swing around, and the battery supports fast charging. In addition, it is also equipped with automatic cleaning bucket.Well, let's  Read More »
    Recently, I bought a new kind of Philips Shaver whose Model is Philips norelco shaver 6948XL-41. Are there any reasons to make my buy Philips norelco shaver 6948XL-41? As a matter of fact, I would like to prefer the shaver which is suitable for the public, the price is low and the shaving performanc  Read More »
    Welcome to my shaver evaluation blog. This time we are going to evaluate the Philips Norelco series shaver, and the model is: 1150X-40. It has three heads, and according to official advertising, GyroFlex 2D technology is applied, which will better protect your skin.Packing boxProduct accessories:1.  Read More »
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