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  • Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100 Review
     December 11, 2016
    The first evaluation of the philips norelco 1150X-40 shaver 6100, this shaver gives the impression that: the appearance of light blue is very stylish, the entire head design is very good with a substantial swing. The shaving performance is excellent, with very good skin protection and comfort. There are advantages and disadvantages in the ease of use. The advantages are: battery supports fast charge, and the body can be washed. The disadvantage is: charging is inconvenient. The shaver body has no charging interface connecting the charger, so the charging base is a must.
    Welcome to my shaver evaluation blog. This time we are going to evaluate the Philips Norelco series shaver, and the model is: 1150X-40. It has three heads, and according to official advertising, GyroFlex 2D technology is applied, which will better protect your skin.

    Packing box

    Product accessories:

    1. Philips 1150X-40 electric shaver
    2. Shaver head cover
    3. Long beard trimmer
    4. Shaver base holder
    5. Charging power supply
    6. Manual
    7. Cleaning brush

    When the shaver is taken out, it first impresses me that the shaver appearance is very delicate; the blue shell looks very stylish, and the suitable shaver body size, along with good ergonomics, makes it very handy.

    The following figure is the power switch. At first I thought it was a touch switch, while in fact, it is not. This is a button-type physical switch hidden below the soft surface (the red circle marked out). However, the surface is not very soft that when I press the switch, I feel I need to press it hard a little bit, so I am afraid that after being used for a long time, the soft surface will rupture. Is this a design flaw?

    By pressing down, you can see the soft plastic also becomes concave.

    If you keep pressing the switch, about 5 seconds later, it will trigger the travel lock function, and the travel lock indicator flashes a few times. It is the same way to unlock the travel lock by simply pressing the switch for 5 seconds.

    At the bottom there are the charging indicator and battery indicator. At low battery or during charging time, the indicator will flash.

    The horizontal stripes on the side of the shaver body are made of soft plastic, with good slip resistance. The back is made of hard plastic, and there is a mark in the back indicating that this shaver can be used when bathing, in support of wet shaving and washable (although the official advertises this shaver is washable, I do not feel comfortable with this feature because I found it is easy to hold water where the shaver's total power is output; meanwhile its design makes it easy to be soaked in water. Continue to read and you will know what I am talking about in the part of cutter head introduction.)

    Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100 cutter head introduction

    1150X-40 shaver has special cutter head mesh foil, including horizontal stripes, and round holes; horizontal mesh foil is to trim most of the beard, and round hole is to lift some special short beards in order to cut them.

    With a total of three heads, each head can be tilted in different directions.

    In addition to each freely tilting cutter head, the entire head base can also swing slightly. This design should be able to make the shaver better fit the face.

    The head cover and the head base can be removed, by pulling them up lightly.

    Replacement of the head is easy. Along the green plastic arrow mark, push up and the cutter head will be taken out.

    Each cutter head is equipped with a very soft small spring

    Although there are three rotation interfaces, there is only one total power input shaft, that is, 1150X-40 shaver uses only one motor to drive three heads, so the rotation speed of the three heads is the same. The following shows the total power output shaft.

    Up to now, you should understand why I feel afraid for the washable feature of the shaver, (although the official advertises that it can be washed), because the groove here is too deep, and very easy to store water; after a long time, the water will penetrate into the circuit board inside the shaver body.

    1150X-40 shaver also has a long beard trimmer, but it is rather special; it is not like most models directly integrated in the body, but needs to disassemble and assemble.

    Although this design is more trouble to use, the long beard trimmer function is easy to use. Why do I say that? This is because the design solves a common problem happening on models that have long beard trimmer integrated in the body: they are not easy to use, and most of the line of sight is blocked by the shaver body.

    Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100 usage

    After starting the shaver, the noise is relatively small, and the hand feels no vibration.

    Without the shaving foam during shaving, no heat can be felt; maybe it is because the head rotating speed is not high; after shaving the skin did not show to be red. At the test time, as the beard has been kept for 5 days and becomes a little long, I thought some special long beard might be pulling by the rotating cutter head so as to cause pain; in fact, no such thing happened. The whole shaving process is very gentle and comfortable, so it seems that this shaver positioning is comfort, and it tries to protect the user's skin.

    It took probably about 1 minute to finish shaving. Almost all parts of the beard can be shaved off, while just that, the beard below the lips is a bit difficult to shave, and it needs to shave a few times back and forth. Touch the face with hands, and the overall feeling is smoothness, without leaving a protruding beard, but this does not mean that it can shave in-depth beard root. I carefully observed that most of the beard is slightly lower than the skin surface a little bit, so at a closer look, the face will appear "partial black" phenomenon, which is caused by that the beard roots are not shaved very short.

    After shaving, the beard residue in the cutter head

    Start the shaver to keep the head rotating and rinse with water. After rinsing, it becomes clean, with only a small amount of beard stubble residues inside the head. However, due to the waterproof problem I mentioned before, I think it is better to clean the shaver with a brush on your own under the dry case; try to reduce the number of washing.

    In the ease of use, I think it is good. By charging 1 hour, it can be used for 40 minutes. According to the frequency of use of most people, it should be able to use for 1 week before it needs charging. The voltage is self-adaptive and globally available.

    However, I was disappointed that the shaver body does not provide charging socket, and you must use the shaver base to charge.

    There are two metal points on both sides of the shaver body, which is the contact point for charging.

    In general, the price of this shaver is not cheap and not expensive, at a medium level; the appearance is beautiful and fashionable, and the size is also appropriate. The shaving effect is general and not strong enough, but the comfort is very good and outstanding. It is suitable for the following people:

    1. People whose skin is easily allergic or very tender and needs special care.

    2. People who are concerned about the appearance of shaver, and have the pursuit of comfort.

    3. People who care their appearance seriously, and during the day need to keep the shaver around at any time, while taking the shaver home in the evening.

    4. People who travel frequently, and charging is available (but it is not suitable to take for a long-distance travel, due to the shaver charging interface problem that the body has no charging interface, and you must take the shaver base to charge, while the shaver base is not small, which will take up a lot of your travel bag space.)

    My evaluation on 1150X-40 shaver:

    1. Protect the skin very well, with superior comfort.

    2. Stylish appearance

    3. General shaving performance.

    4. Small noise

    5. Washing function is very easy to use, and can clean thoroughly, but it is unsafe (personal view), as it is possible to make the circuit short.

    6. There are both advantages and disadvantages in ease of use.

    7. Battery capacity is modest and enough.

    This is a shaver that provides very good protection of your skin and is suitable for home use.

    Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100
    Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100 Use Experience
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