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  • Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 - S9311/87 Reviews
     October 15, 2017
    It is the first time to evaluate Philips S9311/87 shaver, and this shaver belongs to the Norelco shaver 9300 series. It has three blades, and each blade mesh can swing around. Meanwhile, the whole shaver blades can also fully swing around, which will be able to improve the shaving effect in theory. In addition, a variety of convenient functions are also offered, such as automatic cleaning bucket, large capacity battery that supports fast charging, LED information display that can prompt the information, and so on. Is this shaver really very easy to use? We will further test it.
    We purchased the shaver: Philips Norelco shaver 9300 series, with the specific model: S9311/87, which belongs to Philips senior shaver. It has three blade meshes that can swing around, and the battery supports fast charging. In addition, it is also equipped with automatic cleaning bucket.

    Well, let's just start evaluating.

    Shaver use: First use

    Product accessory:

    1. Philips Norelco shaver 9300 - S9311/87 shaver
    2. Shaver box (plastic material)
    3. Cleaning bucket
    4. Cleaning solution
    5. Charging power supply
    6. The clip for changing the blade (Orange)
    7. The Manual

    Here, I have to talk about the package. This is the simplest package I've ever seen. There's no beautiful product box, with only yellow cardboard box.

    And I found a problem that the sealing of the cleaning liquid box is not good, so in the process of transportation, the liquid is easy to leak out. Some people also encountered this problem.

    Introduction of Philips Norelco shaver 9300 - S9311/87 function:

    This shaver has a lot of functions, and the shaver body includes a variety of tips which from top to bottom are respectively:

    1. Shaver blade rotating speed regulator. There are a total of three stalls and can be adjusted via the "-" and "+" button on the left and right sides. There will be a beep sound as a indicator while the stall is switched, but the sound is relatively small.

    2. Cleaning indicator. If the cleaning bucket is not used to clean the shaver for a long time, the light will shine.

    3. Power lock to prevent the false open. By pressing the switch and holding on for 5 seconds, you can start or close the power lock.

    4. Battery power indicator. There are a total of 5 grids, and each grid represents 20% of the electricity.

    5. Blade replacement indicator. When the blade has been used for a certain time, it will prompt you to replace the blade.

    The side of the shaver body is made of lots of anti-skid soft plastic, with stripe shape and good slip resistance.

    The size of the shaver is right, and it feels good to hold it in the hand. It's not heavy, and even feels a little light.

    This shaver has three blades, and each blade mesh can independently flip up and down, without affecting each other, which is stronger than the mid-range shaver Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100.

    Below is the Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100 blade mesh flip effect. The three blade meshes can flip up and down, but they are linked together, that is to say, any one of the blade mesh flip, will let the other two blade meshes together turn over. They cannot be flipped independent. Of course, it can be understood; after all 1150X-40 is cheaper than S9311-87.

    You can click here to read Philips Norelco 1150X-40 Shaver 6100 evaluation article.

    The shaver blades of Philips Norelco shaver S9311 are able to swing slightly around.

    Next, look at the blade part, which is also very important, and it determines how the shaver works.

    The shaver blade base and the shaver body can be separated.

    Remove the shaver blade base, and you can see the blade mesh and base.

    The three rotating struts of the shaver blade base are supported by spring, and the shrinkage is very good. In the process of using, the blade meshes can get closer to the face.

    With the orange clip, you can take the blade out of the blade mesh.

    As can be seen from the figure below, Philips is very conscious in the design of the shaver, using two blades inside and outside.

    OK, next, let's try the actual shaving effect.

    Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 - S9311/87 Shaving Effect

    In the first moment of starting the shaver, an obvious swinging occurred. It should be the shaking generated by the moment of starting the motor. This is the first time to encounter such situation, and it never happened before on other shavers.

    In addition, when pressing the switch down, it feels stiff. The "Da" sound produced by hard plastic makes it feel cheaper!

    In order to get the most real feeling, we use no shaving foam, no water, and shave directly on the dry face.

    The whole feeling of shaving is as follows:

    1 The most obvious advantage is: thanks to the well-designed structure, its blade mesh obviously can cling to the face, so the beard was quickly shaved. Even the beard in the chin and temples which are considered as difficult parts, can be easily and completely shaved without any difficulty.

    2 The most obvious disadvantage is: during shaving, the skin of the face seems to be gripped by the blades, with a tingling feeling. It is very uncomfortable. When the test goes on up to here, I am very shocked, as among all the shavers I ever used, even if it was a very low-level shaver, I never feel so uncomfortable. I am not sure whether it is related to my skin, and my skin is very sensitive, so, after shaving, my face feels a little itchy.

    3. The vibration of the shaver is not big. Even if the motor is adjusted to the fastest gear, there is not much vibration.

    4. The noise is relatively small, within acceptable range. The following is the noise value:

    Environmental noise value before starting the shaver:

    Environmental noise value after starting the shaver:

    Next, we will test the automatic cleaning function of Philips Norelco shaver 9300 - S9311/87.

    Put the cleaning agent into the cleaning bucket.

    Start it to clean and charge at the same time. The left switch is of touched style; there are 5 indicator lights.

    This is how it looks before cleaning.

    This is how it looks after cleaning.

    It looks great. All the stubbles inside are cleared completely. It is very clean.

    The Ease of Use of Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 - S9311/87

    Its battery supports fast charging, and it fills up in 1 hour.

    There is a charging interface at the bottom of the shaver, and there is no need to take the cleaning bucket when you are travelling outdoors.

    The long beard trimmer function:

    If you want to trim the long beard or hair, you must change the shaver blade base, with a little inconvenient. However, it also has a good point that it takes up smoothly on hand, and the sight will not be blocked too much. It is relatively easy-to-use, so you can use it to make hair or beard style.

    In addition, the box can not only protect the shaver better, but also be carried easily.

    Finally, this shaver can be used in a bath, because it is waterproof. As shown in the following picture, it is fine to rinse it with water.

    Well, it seems something is missing. I got it; this high-quality shaver doesn't have a brush!!! It seems that Philips is very confident about the cleaning function. However, I think this is a high grade shaver, and it should be reasonable to be equipped with a brush.


    This shaver is very convenient to use, with all basic functions. There are also some LED lights, to indicate a wealth of information to users.

    Excellent blades design structure, help shave the beard of each part very cleanly. It is much better than other shavers of the same grade, which makes it very outstanding.

    However, the comfort is very poor. In the shaving process, the skin of the face feels a little bit of pain, and after shaving the skin is itchy. I do not know whether it is related to the skin of the individual, as my skin is sensitive.

    Therefore, it is suggested that people whose skin is tender and sensitive, do not use this shaver.

    Philips norelco shaver 9300 - S9311/87
    Philips norelco shaver 9300 - S9311/87 Use Experience
    Since 2017-10-15, there are 1 reports on the use of Philips norelco shaver 9300 - S9311/87. You can click here to view these reports.

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