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  • Philips norelco shaver 9300 - S9311/87
    Norelco shaver 9300 series is Philips's high-end series shavers, and Philips launched this series of shavers is to compete with Braun and Panasonic high-end market. S9311/87 shaver also belongs to the 9300 series, and its configuration is also very rich, for example: 1. Blade mesh able to independently flip, and shaver blade able to swing slightly in 360 degrees 2. Large capacity battery supporting fast charge 3. Automatic cleaning bucket with integrated cleaning and drying function 4. Waterproof body, supporting entire body washing 5. Lots of LED lights that can provide a wealth of information 6. Three speed control gears which can adjust the rotation speed of the blade. This shaver has so many functions, so how effective is it in actual use? What are the advantages and disadvantages? The following article allows you to get more information.
    2017-10-15 —————  
    Philips Norelco Shaver 9300 - S9311/87 Reviews
    It is the first time to evaluate Philips S9311/87 shaver, and this shaver belongs to the Norelco shaver 9300 series. It has three blades, and each blade mesh can swing around. Meanwhile, the whole shaver blades can also fully swing around, which will be able to improve the shaving effect in theory. In addition, a variety of convenient functions are also offered, such as automatic cleaning bucket, large capacity battery that supports fast charging, LED information display that can prompt the information, and so on. Is this shaver really very easy to use? We will further test it. Read More »
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